About Us

Hello Habibis (“our loves”) and welcome to The Three Teas Kitchen. We’re the Three T’s  – Tamara, Tina and Tara – first-generation sisters born in suburban Chicago and raised in the Middle Eastern kitchens of the many generations who came before us.  

If there is one thing we know, it’s that life is always better with a cup of tea.  Some of the most important lessons we’ve learned, people we’ve met and cooking we’ve done have all been over a cup of tea, or two, or three.

This blog is an endeavor to preserve the recipes that have been passed down from each generation, while also sharing some new.  We owe these traditions to our mom, Joanne, who is the reason we feel so connected to our family’s heritage. We love you mom! #ilearneditfrommymama

We are so happy you came by so we can share with you what continues to keep our bellies and hearts full. So grab a cup of tea and join us!